Terms and Conditions

General Conditions

Access and use of the website www.orthowalker.eu are subject to the following terms, conditions and notices:

The user must protect, and not disclose, their password for the OrthoWalker customer area in order to prevent third parties from accessing their account and personal data.

The use of false identities is not permitted.

The user is responsible for the updating and veracity of personal data communicated to OrthoWalker and undertakes to immediately insert and inform any changes in the customer area.

OrthoWalker is not responsible for any delay or impossibility of processing the order due to error or insufficient data communicated by the user, particularly at the time of delivery.

The user assumes that he or she is of legal age to use all services, including eligibility to make purchases and make payments.

The publication, manipulation, distribution or reproduction, in any format, of any content on this website is not permitted, nor is it permitted to link it to any business or company.

The customer may save, print or display the contents of this website for personal use only.

OrthoWalker reserves the right to prevent the use of services or features, as well as to block or delete personal information, upon notice, in situations of non-compliance with legal terms or user misconduct, as well as to report possible illegalities or unlawful acts to authorities, if applicable.



The photographs of the products, presented at www.orthowalker.eu, may not be the same as the products delivered to the customer, so you should always consult the product description to find out information about the respective characteristics of the items you intend to purchase, in If in doubt, contact OrthoWalker.

Despite OrthoWalker's extreme attention to keeping all information up to date, some products may contain incorrect information, so we will check this whenever we process orders.

Campaigns and Promotions

The promotional campaigns presented on www.orthowalker.eu may be exclusive to the physical store. Exclusive online campaigns can be applied to individual product categories, brands or product references.

Contacts and Customer Support

For additional information, you can contact OrthoWalker via email at info@orthowalker.eu. All information contained on www.orthowalker.eu or any information provided by our technicians, by telephone, email or any other form of communication, has the sole commercial objective of informing and helping the customer with the purchase, without dispensing with specialist advice. or your doctor, when applicable.